Saturday I shot Jim and Julie's wedding at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale. Another amazingly gorgeous bride and beautiful wedding. I also got the chance to work with one of my favorite wedding consultants--Emily Edwards--which always makes the days fun for me :).

The day started off with primping among the girls. Julie's beverage glass was fittingly entitled "almost Prendergast" (Jim's last name).
The shoes:
More prep:
And then a HUGE surprise!! Jim brought Julie outside in the middle of it all to give her a brand new Land Rover!! She was SHOCKED!
You'll have to watch the slideshow to see more on that fun surprise.

Julie headed back in to get into her dress:
I love this shot:
We headed over to the clubhouse to get some fun portraits before the ceremony.
This is Bella--Jim's 3-year-old daughter. SO cute!
Julie just looked radiant and glowed the whole day.
A fun shot of the gigantic group of guys--Jim joked at the reception that he went for quantity over quality :).
I love the look on this little girl's face as she eats her popcorn. It's like she wants to make sure I don't come steal any of it :).
When Jim and his guys walked out and took their places for the ceremony, the groomsmen one-by-one walked up to Jim and gave him an engraved shot glass. Jim was surprised and obviously didn't know what to do with all of them:
Julie is so cute--she often smiles with her tongue sticking out:
This ceremony site is beautiful:
The ceremony was so special and I teared up when Jim and Julie recited personalized vows.
At one point they brought Bella up and gave her a necklace. I love this shot I caught of her kissing her daddy:
The reception was amazing as well. Place cards were tied to mini champagne bottles:
The red just popped:
And Jim and Julie obviously practiced for their first dance--they were pros!
Thanks SO much guys for allowing me to be a part of your wedding! You're such a great couple!

If you'd like to see even more photos from this amazing day, click here to see the slideshow!
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