Are you a young woman interested in starting or working for a business in a creative field? Do your friends look to you on Instagram and Facebook for the latest trends, ideas, and inspiration? Melissa Jill Photography and Align Album Design are two companies owned by the same professional photographer who is passionate to meet the needs of both photographers and brides. Based in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, these two companies, run by collaborating teams, are thought-leaders and educators in their fields.

Melissa Jill Photography
• A team of 6 photographers, led by Melissa Jill, photographs 40-50 weddings per year.
• One of the leading and most sought-after wedding photography teams in Arizona, our purpose is to assist couples in making their wedding day a huge success, and to leave them with photographs that enable them to save and revisit their emotions and memories from that day for a lifetime to come.
• Melissa Jill is also a leading educator of professional photographers nationwide, and has a prolific blog and social media channels full of helpful content and inspiration for both brides and professional photographers. She teaches workshops and speaks throughout the country.

Align Album Design
• A team of 5 designers serves hundreds of professional photographers worldwide, creating over 800 album designs yearly.
• A leading outsourcing solution for professional photographers, our purpose is to serve by providing fast, clean and affordable album designs.
• Align also serves photographers by providing education, inspiration, and best practices through our blog and social media channels to help entrepreneurs streamline their album sales and workflow process.

Our teams-based work environment seeks talented interns who crave learning new skills and aren't afraid to tackle big projects. As an intern you will get to work with our staff on real projects that will help both companies grow.

Our ideal candidate is someone who walks into a room of people and can’t leave without making a few friends. Someone who is obsessed with social media and is creative and thoughtful when interacting with online communities and building relationships.

What You Will Learn:
1. How to create a social media strategy and effective marketing.
2. Relationship building with our online community by maintaining Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.
3. How to create compelling content that will be shared by influencers.
4. Comprehensive content marketing between our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog accounts.
5. Best practices for editing photos in Lightroom
6. Other marketing, content creation, and photography-related skills

What We Require:
1. Background in Marketing, Communication, Artistic or other related discipline.
2. Strong communication skills – especially in written form.
3. Familiarity with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
4. Organized, focused, and able to meet deadlines
5. Creative and Flexible.
6. Skills in photography, videography, video editing, and Lightroom are all great bonuses!

We value all of our interns and go the extra mile to make sure you receive a learning experience that fits your career goals. You will become extremely knowledgeable in online communication, a master of social media for business, and understanding of the right ways to use online marketing to reach professional goals. You will also learn how to work in a collaborative professional environment and have opportunity to network with professionals in the creative world.

The position begins August 17th and ends December 1st. You are expected to work 15-20 hours a week with a schedule that includes consecutive days. Interns must be signed up to use internship for college credit. Internships apart from school credit are not available.

To express interest, please click here to complete our online application.
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