Engaged couple hug and softly smile at outdoor photo shoot in Scottsdale.
One of my amazingly talented associate photographers, Janelle, recently photographed an engagement session that I adore and wanted to share with you. Paige and Erin are getting married next month and they are SO adorable together! I can't wait to see the photos Janelle captures on their wedding day!

Here are some of my favorite images from their engagement shoot in Scottsdale:
Engaged couple sit on rock ledge, holding hands leaning in. Scottsdale desert session.
Couple smile head to head, cuddled close. Scottsdale desert engagement shoot.
Smiling, engaged couple pose on rugged rocks in desert photo shoot.
Fiancé wraps arms around his soon to be joyful bride. Dreamy Scottsdale photo shoot.
Sweet moment of engaged couple leaning in to each other smiling. Arizona desert session.
Soon to be bride jumps on back of fiancé. Arms wrapped around smiling joyfully.
Couple pose side by side holding hands. Outdoor Scottsdale engagement session.
Black and white photo of fiancé looking at groom. Posed gently. Casual desert photo shoot.
Fiance kisses groom on cheek with arms wrapped around. Desert engagement photo shoot.
Wedding ring laying in cactus. Scottsdale desert session.
Engaged couple hold hands looking back face to face smiling. Desert session.
Groom kisses fiance sweetly. Black and white in Scottsdale desert photo shoot.
Groom looks at fiancé sweetly. Cuddled close in desert outdoor shoot.
Fiance hugs groom while face is gently posed on shoulder. Outdoor Scottsdale engagement shoot.
Couple walk hand and hand in Scottsdale desert pathway.
Amazing job Janelle!

To find out more about our associate program and see more of Janelle, Rachel, Michelle, Mary and Tina's work, click here. If you are interested in hiring one of them for your upcoming wedding, please fill out our contact form!
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