Jennifer Thye of Imoni Events | Joy Proctor of Joy Proctor Design, photo by Kurt Boomer | Emily Schiesl of LVL Weddings & Events

Sometimes I wish I could peer into the future and see what's coming next. Unfortunately I don't have a crystal ball, but I DO have the next best thing: three amazing wedding planners and designers who are sharing their exclusive predictions for what's going to be HUGE in 2016 weddings! Wedding planners both see and influence all of the decisions couples make as they happen, so they are on the front lines when it comes to wedding trends. Lean in close, and let's look at what the future has in store for weddings!

- Cakes -

Jennifer Thye of Imoni Events says, "Cakes are going to make a come back! Cakes lately have been white and plain and, in my opinion, very rustic. But cakes are going to become more focal in the wedding design. Bold patterns, sugar flowers and metallic touches are all going to be huge!"
Two tiered modern white wedding cake with black details. Wedding cake inspiration & ideas.
Four-tiered boho tribal wedding cake with teal and light pink accents. Wedding cake inspiration.
Left: Cake by Sugarvana, photo by Jen Huang | Right: Cake by Heart Sweet Cakes, photo by Melissa Jill

- Food -

Joy Proctor of Joy Proctor Design predicts, "Couples are no longer seeing their wedding as just an event, but also as a chance to share and introduce their guests to their lifestyle. Vegetarian couples are bringing in fantastic veggie chefs to knock the socks off the most die hard meat-eater, and one growing trend is to hire a catering team that source locally, seasonally and ethically such as Duo Events, Room Fourty and Heirloom LA."

Emily Schiesl of LVL Weddings & Events couldn't agree more. "We predict the continued importance of sustainable entrees using organic and grass-fed or wild products. We see more and more couples requesting this and making it more of a priority on their wedding day. Couples are looking at ways to encorporate healthy eating options like paleo, farm to table, sustainable, organic and gluten-free."

- Fashion -

There are always MANY different trends in wedding fashion taking place simultaneously. One that Jennifer Thye has spotted is: "Dresses, whether they are for the bridal party or guests, are going to swing back to the more formal side, along with men's tuxes. Think James Bond and Mission: Impossible and you are on the right track! Thanks to the Prince and Princess in England, the twenty- and thirty-somethings of the world now long to look regal and glamorous. And a wedding is the perfect place to put on that fancy dress and twirl around a bit!"

Joy Proctor predicts another trend in wedding dresses. She says, "I've seen a huge shift from the traditional gown toward easy and customizable two pieces. Samuelle Couture, Alexandra Grecco and Reem Acra are perfect examples or designers giving brides beautiful options."
Flowy and simple white wedding dress great for beach wedding
Flowy and simple white wedding dress great for beach wedding
Gorgeous long sleeve lace wedding dress and vibrant red bouquet. Wedding hairstyle updo ideas.
Top: Separates by Sarah Seven, photo by Melissa Jill | Left: Separates by Alexandra Grecco | Right: Dress by Samuelle Couture, photo by Elsa Bricker
- Decor -

Just as with fashion, there are several rising trends to suit different tastes. Joy Proctor exclaims, "Color! Color! Color! While the blush and taupe trend was perfectly sweet, 2016 is moving into a more bold direction! Add some coral, salmon or fuchsia to liven things up! Pair a muted tone with a jewel tone to really invoke a feeling."

The trend that Emily Schiesl predicts is: "Lots of texture, from linens to florals! We don't just see one color dominating the color scheme of a wedding, its more of a mix, with lots of greenery for texture."

Jennifer Thye has seen a few different decor trends emerging. "Styles are definitely going to fall on the side of natural and crisp. Classic and traditional centerpieces will be replaced by pieces that looked like you plucked them out of the garden for the most romantic dinner party you have ever thrown. Weddings are starting to feel more comfortable, so the stuffy, over-the-top looks of the past are going to start to fall away." She adds, "Wedding colors will become more colorful but include monochromatic, or tone on tone, palettes. Using different shades of the same color family has been a trend in the past, but my prediction is that people will choose ONE wedding color and just blow it out. Whites, pinks, teals, blues, and even metallic all tend to look amazing when using different shades of it. It makes for a really fresh, modern take on a classic trend."
Deep red and purple wedding table floral arrangement with gold plate settings. Gold foil calligraphy
Above: Styling & floral by Joy Proctor, photo by Melissa Jill

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting and inspiring trends on the rise for 2016! If you're planning your wedding, though, one thing that will never change is that your wedding is all about YOU and the love you share with your fiancé. I hope you have fun planning the wedding of your dreams!

HUGE thanks to the elite planners who shared their predictions, Jennifer Thye of Imoni Events, Joy Proctor of Joy Proctor Design, and Emily Schiesl of LVL Weddings & Events!

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