How many of you wish you could sell more albums? Do you find it difficult to find clients who see the value of an album and are willing to pay the additional cost to include one in their package?

This has been a dilemma I've dealt with as well. What I've found is that if I don't value albums and prioritize them for my clients, they typically won't value them either. If you want to sell albums, you have to prioritize them. Include them in every package. Communicate through the structure of your pricing that the album is the #1 product your clients will want to have.

Then share your passion for albums with your clients. Let them know that out of all of the products you offer, this is the one YOU most want them to have. After all, a wedding album should be a couple's first family heirloom. It is the one photography product that they can purchase that will stand the test of time. Long after prints are taken off the wall, children are grown, and grandchildren are running around, an album will be there to tell the story of their love for those generations to come.

I believe in the value of a wedding album; I'm passionate about them. And my clients know it. They know it when they look at my website and read about albums. They know it when they see my package info. And they know it when we sit together looking through albums in their initial client meeting. They become excited about their wedding album, in part, because I'm excited about it.

This is a bad iPhone photo of me and one of my brides-turned-friends Kindra. She was married in 2009 and now has two young children. We live less than two miles from one another and often meet up for dinner to talk about our businesses and lives. I also get the pleasure of photographing her family regularly.
Long after her wedding, Kindra related a story to me of what her mother-in-law said to her one day before her wedding. Her mother-in-law wanted to have a conversation woman to woman with the woman who was taking her son. She said, "When you go through hard times -- and you WILL go through hard times -- I want you to find your wedding album and sit down on the sofa next to Michael. Look through it page by page and relive your wedding day. I don't know anyone who can get through their album without remembering why they love each other and knowing they can make it through anything together."
I'm convinced in my heart that wedding albums are important. And every married couple should have one.

Having this passion and communicating this passion to your clients is step one of selling more albums. If you are interested in finding out what steps 2 through 5 are, I've been working on a series on album sales and workflow over on Align Album Design's blog for the past year. It is comprehensive in that it includes ALL of my thoughts on albums and I know it can help you take your business to the next level no matter where you are in your journey with albums. Click here to see the full series. And make sure you pin it -- it's a great reference to keep coming back to again and again!

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