Hey guys! As many of you know, I made the transition to shooting medium format film last summer and I am hooked! I've gotten a lot of questions about this change from photographers, so for the past several months I've been answering them one-by-one on my blog. Last week I concluded this 8-part series, but I wanted to put together a post that includes the links to all 26 answers. I've divided them up below into categories. I hope you find this helpful. Here's to a continuing journey into the art and beauty of film photography!

1. What about film do you love more than digital? The richness, colors, sharpness? All of the above?
2. Is shooting film scary?
3. Did you initially learn shooting film? If you started with digital, when did you decide you were confident enough to transition?
4. When did you transition to 100% film on a wedding day?

5. What type of camera and film do you use?
6. What are the costs involved with shooting film?
7. Since the Contax 645 is no longer in production, where do you purchase your camera bodies, backs, parts and service?
8. How do you deal with the additional cost of film? Do you pass on the added cost to your clients?
9. Any affordable ways you can recommend to practice?

10. Do you shoot 100% film on a wedding day?
11. Has shooting film changed the way you approach a shoot? Do you interact with clients differently or see light differently?
12. Do you feel like you tend to shoot more posed (albeit in a casual way) now that you have a film camera?
13. What's your metering technique? And how do you rate your Fuji 400h?
14. How often do you meter for light? Each shot? Each location?
15. How do you deal with changing light situations?
16. What happens if your roll runs at an important moment?
17. How do you know if clients blinked?
18. How many rolls of film do you use per shoot?
19. Do you shoot mostly color film and convert to b&w in post or do you shoot with b&w film too? And what is your film preference?

20. Where can I get medium format film developed?
21. Did you have to work with your lab to get your images looking the way you wanted?
22. Are you still editing your scans? If so, can you elaborate on the process?
23. How has your turn-around time been impacted by shooting film?
24. How has film changed the way you archive your work? Where/how do you store your negatives?

25. Are clients really caring about film or is it just a big photography cool cat trend?
26. Is the fact that you shoot film something you use in marketing yourself?


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Answers to common questions for photographers who are thinking about transitioning to film photography
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