It was supposed to be a one time thing.

Last year I was invited by my friend Mary to join her and a group of her besties on the island of Nantucket for her birthday celebration trip. "When else am I going to get the chance to travel to Nantucket?" I thought. Being single and mostly traveling either for business or to visit friends, I don't typically get the chance to travel to dream locations "just because" so when I'm invited to travel somewhere fun that I haven't yet been to with rad people, I go. Word to the wise -- don't invite me if you don't mean it :).

Last year was amazing. I soaked up every minute of cool ocean breeze and surreal other-worldly beauty that I encountered, thinking this was my one chance to experience Nantucket. Thankfully what was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip turned into twice-in-a-lifetime and this year was even more incredible if that's possible. The sights were more familiar but nonetheless refreshing. And this time I got to shoot FILM. Cue birds chirping and a Disney song. I was in heaven.

There were 16 of us this year -- all photographers and some photographer spouses. We traveled in from all over the country and converged on the island for 4 days of walking through quaint towns, eating seafood, flying kites, driving jeeps on the beach, and taking photos ... Lots of photos. Traveling with a group of photographers is one LONG extended photo shoot -- haha! It is comical, really. Every time we saw something pretty, we wanted to pose a couple in front of it. This trip was nothing if not well documented. In addition to the photos I'm going to share with you in this post, I also took advantage of this opportunity to return to Nantucket to plan a styled wedding shoot and photograph two portrait shoots for dear friends. So you will see more in the days and weeks to come. But for now, enjoy some personal photos and sites from Nantucket. And to my friends who traveled these roads and beaches with me -- thank you for being so incredibly life-giving. You are each doing amazing things and using your lives to impact others. Being around you could only make me better. Spending these few days with you was such a blessing.

Now on to the photos! I left my DSLR at home and only shot film, so most of these photos were taken with my Contax 645. I did throw in a few photos with me in them that were taken by Amy & Jordan Demos, Katelyn James and Jillian Michelle. (Thanks friends! xo)
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