This post is going to be very hard for most of the world to relate to -- those of you who are stuck inside snuggled up to a warm fire right now. While the majority of Americans are shoveling their driveways in December and January, in Phoenix, we're picking our citrus. I know, it seems really weird to me too. But I have a pretty good-sized lemon tree in my backyard and every December, along with putting up my Christmas tree and lights, I also need to make time to harvest my lemons. Otherwise they just fall off the tree and rot. And nobody wants that.

It's become a bit of a tradition for my neighbor friends to come over donning their garden gloves, and we make a party out of it. I pour lemonade, the dogs get in on the fun, and everyone goes home with more lemons than they can possibly use in five years' time. ha! I give as many away as I can and the rest I juice and freeze in one cup increments in breast milk bags -- a brilliant idea I got from one of my new-mom friends. That way I can serve fresh squeezed lemonade year round! It's always a hit so I keep a pitcher on hand in my fridge at all times.

This year, I decided to document the fun on film and here are a few photos from our "lemon-picking party". As you can see above, we take the whole thing very seriously.
Who wants to stop by for some lemonade? :)

Equipment used: Contax 645 Film Camera // Zeiss Planar 80mm 2.0 Lens // Portra 800 film // Film developed & scanned by Photovision
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