This is the fun group who attended the MJ2Day last week. We had one attendee come all the way from Guatemala, one from Texas, one from Indiana, one from California, one from DC, and four from Arizona. Starting at the top row L to R: Hillary Ann, John Ryan, Melissa Morelli, Mariann Bruderer, Ashleigh Terry, Yevette Vargas, Ryann Lindsey, Ashley Lorraine, Elizabeth Barry, and Alaine Sepulveda (my amazing office manager!).

It was a great group and we packed the two days full to the brink. On day one we covered topics ranging from shooting techniques, to lighting, interacting with clients, posing and off-camera flash. On day two we covered business topics like the state of the market, workflow, album design & sales, vendor relations & networking, blogging & social media, initial client meetings, pricing, websites and branding. Phew! In essence, I poured the full contents of my brain on them. In the midst of all this learning, connections were made and relationships were formed. I think that's one of the best things about going to workshops! You come away with a whole new set of friends who share your passion!

I didn't have much time to take photos myself, but I appreciate Sara Nevels for coming in and snapping a few behind the scenes photos for me!
Each of the attendees got a workbook chock full of info and a goody-bag full of valuable gifts from our sponsors. We also gave away over $13,000 worth of prizes from our 12 sponsors. THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of stuff to only 9 people!!! CRAZY! I wanted to give a shout-out to our fabulous sponsors who added so much value to the attendees' workshop experience: Destination I Do Magazine, Pictage, Jared Platt Workshops, ShowIt, PASS, ShootQ, Two Bright Lights, Electric Dreams Design, B&H, Epiphanie Bags, ShootDotEdit, and GoLive. Thank you so much for your support!
Dixie always manages to make new friends -- specifically anyone who sits in her green chair :).
This was hilarious -- even though Dixie was doing her best to be vicious and scary, this neighborhood cat was not the least bit phased. Which made Dixie even angrier.
I can't believe this, but we had TWO birthdays during the second day of the workshop! Thank you so much Hilary and Ashleigh for sharing your birthdays with us!!
Such a great group! To see more behind-the scenes fun from this workshop, check out my instagram feed and the search tag #mj2day.

Stay tuned -- I will be sharing some images from the engagement shoot we did out in the desert soon!
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