It just doesn't get said enough.

My mom always taught me that it's nice to say "Thank You." But man, sometimes life is so full, and I'm so quick to move on to the next thing that it's hard to remember to stop, celebrate, and show appreciation. For years I simply thanked people who referred clients who booked me to shoot their weddings with a quick note over email. Looking back on that, I'm a bit embarrassed. After all, I only shoot around 10-15 weddings a year, so each wedding is a huge chunk of my business and a tremendous blessing to me.

A few years ago I sought out to remedy this situation by adding referral gifts to my regular workflow. These gifts are specifically for vendors who work in the wedding industry who are an ongoing source of referrals for me, or who have the potential to become such. Typically I already have a relationship with them and have worked hard to invest in it over the years, so this is just one more step in an ongoing relationship building process.

When I was thinking through what type of gift I wanted to give, I naturally thought about what I would want to receive. Duh!! Cupcakes and chocolates. Haha! I found two amazing companies that could customize and brand products for me and they also deliver!

Our most recent referral gift addition is a box of Anna Shea chocolates. I found out about these when a box showed up on my door as a thank you from a friend and I about DIED! These are not your standard box of assorted chocolates. They are miniature works of art that melt into sweet heaven in your mouth. I spent the week eating them and trying to decide which flavor was my favorite. It was a painstaking process that I gave my full efforts to. There wasn't one I didn't like in the bunch. So just like with anything I love, I immediately took up the mission of sharing the amazingness with everyone else! After having Anna Shea create a custom chocolate with our logo on it, I had to order another box for quality control purposes. Of course.
The box of chocolates is a great gift for individuals, but when a team refers us, we bring in the big guns with Sprinkles cupcakes.
Their branding is amazing, and I love that they have the perfect box of a dozen cupcakes ideal for spelling out "Thank You." My logo looks awfully scrumptious on sugar, don't you think?
We always deliver our referral gifts with a hand-written note, and in person whenever possible.
Because it is so easy to forget, I made sure to add "send referral gift" to my Wedding Workflow Checklist. That way completing this important task never falls through the cracks.

Writing this post has left me with a gigantic sweet tooth. I'm salivating and suddenly in desperate need of a chocolate. And a cupcake. Maybe a chocolate ON a cupcake? Is saying "Thank You" to yourself a thing?

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