If you follow me on social media at all then you know that I recently spent some time on the beautiful island of Nantucket. Oh my goodness -- SO beautiful! My Instagram feed was the prettiest it's EVER been for the four days I was there. haha!

Nantucket is not a place that I ever thought I would get the opportunity to visit. To be honest, it wasn't even on my radar. But when my friend Mary Marantz casually threw out an invitation to join her, Justin, and some other friends for what has become her annual birthday trip, I knew I had to at least consider it.

Most of the travel that I do is work-related. And much of it involves me traveling alone. Being single, I don't have a built in travel buddy like many people do, so if you present me the opportunity to travel somewhere gorgeous with you… you better be serious. Because I very likely WILL take you up on it! ha! After double-checking with Mary a few weeks after her initial invitation to make sure she WAS in fact serious, I booked my flights. And my shuttle. And my ferry ride. And a taxi. Ok, so I didn't book the taxi. But I DID take one. It turns out Nantucket is a little slice of paradise that is not so easy to get to. My full day of travel to get there included:

20min. shuttle ride
3.5hr. flight
2hr flight
2hr taxi ride
1hr ferry ride
10min drive

But man, was it worth it! Some of the highlights of my trip included:

-The adorable house we all rented together called "The Monkey Barrel." It had a grill, a hot tub (which I soaked in 3 nights in a row), and plenty of space to sleep all 10 of us. I even got my own room!
-Two morning runs in the 50 degree weather
-Browsing through downtown shops along cobblestone laden streets
-Eating a slow lunch of huge tasty mussels right on the bay
-Homemade cooking by my new friends including banana, strawberry & nutella stuffed french toast by Liz & Ryan and eggplant parm by Spring
-Cooper the wonder pup -- Justin & Mary's adorable golden retriever that they brought along with them
-Jeeps on the beach and stumbling upon HUNDREDS of seals lounging in the sun
-Hanging out by three different lighthouses for hours on end with no schedule to keep
-A sunset cruise on a sailboat
-Wearing boots on the beach and watching Justin and Ryan attempt to fly a kite
-Ridiculously awesome cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE
-Spending quality time getting to know new and old friends who live fabulous lives and run amazing businesses (our group of 10 is responsible for 15 businesses total!)

Here are some photos from my time on this gorgeous island. Thank you so much to Mary and Justin for including me this year! I will cherish the memories from this trip for a lifetime to come!
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