Dave & Jessica were married three years ago today on 5.7.11 at the Sanctuary on Camelback in Scottsdale. You can click here to see their original wedding blog post.

Today, in honor of these two, I asked them if they would be willing to share their favorite wedding photo and why it's so meaningful to them. I always find this so interesting to see which images mean the most to each couple. This was Jessica's response:

"I've been waffling over which photo to pick for days - there are so many good ones! ha ha! But I've narrowed it down to four.

This first one is a favorite because it's a quiet moment with just the two of us relaxing after all the whirlwind of events leading up to the wedding. The morning felt like a crazy whirlwind of events and the ceremony and ride back to the resort were full of energy and excitement but it was nice to escape all of that for a little while and just be together on our wedding day and I think this image really captures that feeling well!
I love these next two because they tell the story of the landscape and the location we chose to celebrate in - especially since it's so different than the east coast where we live and where most of our guests came from. I love the way the one on the right highlights the detail in the train of my dress and the long veil. I know we were pulling it out of a few cacti after this shot. Ha ha!
And finally, I love this last one because we wanted to have a great party with our friends and family and we definitely got one! The Walkens had the dance floor rocking' the entire night - I love the look on Dave's face to the side as his friends tossed me in the air for a few 'touchdowns' like they do in the stadium at Notre Dame for football scores… my grandma in the corner is equally terrified they're going to drop me!"
Yay! I love these Jess! Regarding that last photo -- it was all I could do to keep shooting. I was terrified for you too!! SO relieved you lived to tell about it! ha!

What a great day that was! Happy anniversary to you both. I'm so grateful your wedding brought us together and that I now get to call you friends!! xo
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