Introducing -- another favorite app of mine -- 5K Runner!
I used to tie up my running shoes, put my earbuds in, and just run as fast and as far as I could. Which wasn't a whole lot. And I found that it was hard to improve using this method. Adding mileage was slow-going and arduous. Then I found out about this app.

5K Runner has been a great tool for someone like me, who would like to be a runner, (not train for marathons, mind you, but at least be able to run a few miles a few times a week) but who lacks a plan and the self-motivation to get there. I NEED someone telling me what to do and pushing me. This app does just that. It works in the background of your phone so you can listen to your music, and a voice tells you when to walk and when to run. He even tells me that I did a good job at the end of my workout -- haha!

The app has 8 weeks worth of runs -- 3 per week -- that incrementally work you up from sitting on your couch doing nothing, to running a 5K. You start by alternating running and walking often, and then the walking slowly subsides over the weeks as the runs become longer. I love it because it gives me a tangible goal and I am able to push myself to achieve more because of it.
You can also track your history and progress. And when I'm traveling or sick and have a set-back with my workouts, I can go back in time and start in week 4 or 5 of the program to work back up to my desired fitness level.

The one thing this app doesn't do is help track how fast you are going or help you work toward a certain pace. But there are many other related apps that can help you with that or with any other running goal you have -- like a 10K or 1/2 marathon.

The pro version of this app is $2.99, but you can get a free version with the first 4 runs on it if you want to try it before buying it. I'm hooked and I use it all the time! Just finished Week6/Day1 yesterday!

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