Jay & Kiera were married two years ago today on 4.14.12 at the Royal Palms in Phoenix. You can click here to see their original wedding blog post.

Today, in honor of these two, I asked them if they would be willing to share their favorite wedding photo and why it's so meaningful to them. I always find this so interesting to see which images mean the most to each couple. This was Kiera's response:

"It is so hard to pick just one favorite photograph because we love so many of them. Going back through the photos makes us feel like we are re-living each and every moment of our special day. You did such an amazing job at capturing everything and telling our story. We are forever grateful to have had you as our photographer. Thank you again!

We ended up choosing a few favorites. Sorry! I couldn't help it!

The picture below left was shortly after our first look and it shows how incredibly happy and excited we were to be married to one another that day. We were also very much anticipating what was to come and how much fun we were going to have celebrating with all of our friends and family.

Next to it, below right, is another favorite. We love this picture because it shows our true love for one another. It captures the day well. We were about to start our journey together as husband and wife. Our wedding was large, but in the end it was all about us and celebrating the love we will always have for one another. We felt as though no one else was around, despite all the photographers and videographers surrounding us.
These next two images are my favorites because they show the beauty of the Royal Palms Resort. The setting is so romantic and intimate. A perfect place for a wedding (which is why we chose it :-))!
Thanks again for everything! Everyone is always amazed by our wedding album!"

Thank you so much for sharing Kiera! These are some of my favorite portraits of you both too! What a gorgeous couple you make, and what a great day that was! Happy Anniversary!
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