This little surprise made our day recently when it showed up in the mail. One of our associate photographers, Rachel, recently shot a gorgeous wedding that I'm so excited to share with you soon. Our clients Khristine & Santino are not only drop dead beautiful -- wait until you see! -- but they are also apparently super-kind and thoughtful.

We don't ever expect to get a "thank you" from our clients for three reasons:

1 - They're paying us for a service and we are doing our job.
2 - I myself am not very good at stopping to say "thanks". So I guess, while this isn't something I'm proud of, it causes me to not expect it from others.
3 - The days and weeks after a couple gets married are typically CRAZY busy. So if we hear from them at all, we're pleasantly surprised.

So we are always so blown away and blessed when we get an email from a client with the sole purpose of thanking us, let alone when we get a hand-written card. Khristine & Santino took it to a whole other level, though, by including a print of an instagram photo taken of Rachel in action on the wedding day. A client sending US a photo!! haha -- so awesome!! This was so over-the-top sweet and blessed us so much, I just had to share. It's yet another reminder to me of the immense value of saying "thank you."

I'm so impressed with the instagram too -- I need to track down the person who took it and offer THEM a job! haha!

Stay tuned -- I'll be sharing Khristine & Santino's wedding photos on Monday!
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