Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Highlight of the week: Getting to know the 13 MJ2Day attendees who traveled in from all over the globe to participate in a 2-day marathon workshop with me. This was my 14th time doing the MJ2Day and I'm consistently surprised and flattered that people use their time and resources, as well as travel long distances to come. One attendee came all the way from Germany and spent her birthday with us! It was such a great group and I can't wait to share more about them on Monday!

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Finally cleaned out my closet after storing a pile of clothes on a bench in my bedroom for months.
2 -- Hired my dad to do a bunch of odd jobs for me around the house in preparation for the workshop including, but not limited to, taking down my Christmas decorations (she writes sheepishly), exterminating spiders on the porch, and taking my car through the car wash.

Since my week was consumed by the workshop, all of the above Instagram photos are workshop-related. To catch up on any that you missed, click here!

Celebrating: I recently hired a new general manager for my album design company Align. She is amazing and I've been training her to take over the day-to-day administrative tasks for Align that I have been covering for the past two years. And this week we officially transitioned the bulk of the work to her. HALLELUJAH! It's such a relief to now only be working 1.5 full time jobs rather than 2 :).

I watched Sean & Catherine's Wedding (the most recently hitched couple from ABC's The Bachelor) in three installments after the workshop attendees went home each night. And of course, I cried. It was SO well done and I'm really impressed with how respectfully ABC handled Sean's faith, his dad's officiating, and the couple's choice to wait to sleep together until marriage. For as smutty as this reality show can be at times, it's encouraging and refreshing to see Sean & Catherine take this route and to see ABC portray it respectfully.

Feeling Blessed: This has been one of those weeks. One thing after another went wrong and fell apart. I was sick leading up to the workshop, Sara got a debilitating neck injury and couldn't assist, my laundry room flooded, and a million other little things didn't cooperate, but God was faithful through it all to provide for needs. So I'm believing in Him for those that remain.
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