Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Highlight of the week: Attending Engage! for the first time. Engage! is a "Luxury Wedding Business Summit" that happens twice a year around the nation and this week it came to Phoenix! It took place at the Montelucia Resort just five miles from my house, so I figured this was as good a time as any to attend. Three hundred attendees converged on the Montelucia from around the world and we were treated like royalty. We were force-fed amazing food during every break from hearing some of the most wildly successful wedding planners and vendors around the nation speak. I kind of felt like I was attending a combination of Oprah's Favorite Things and the most over-the-top wedding I've ever photographed as every time I turned around, I was given free cool stuff and the parties every night were styled to the hilt and ultra-fabulous. The only thing missing was the free car at the end. So definitely, there's still room for improvement. But overall it was fun.

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Wore Spanx for three days straight.
2 -- Gave away lemons out of the trunk of my car.
3 -- Got my first gel manicure.

This past weekend I had my yearly "lemon picking party" a.k.a. using-my-neighbors-and-anyone-else-I-can-sucker-into-coming-over-with-the-promise-of-all-the-lemons-you-can-carry-for-cheap-labor. It was a raging success. We harvested roughly 700 lemons off my backyard tree in under an hour. Good times.

Celebrating: I got to meet Randy Fenoli of Say Yes To The Dress fame. He was my favorite speaker at Engage! and it was fun to meet him face to face over cocktails. He's just as genuine and kind as he comes across on TV. AND at the gala on the last night he danced with Queen of Cakes Sylvia Weinstock. Seriously you need to click here to watch the video.

Feeling Blessed: This week was a whirlwind, but I feel so blessed to have made new friends and deepened existing friendships that I cherish SO much.
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