The attendees for the Charlotte MJ2DAY were such a fun group! They came from all over the country & Canada to learn, and I effectively poured the entire contents of my brain on them. It was a lot, but I SO enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them in the process!

Of the group of 13 attendees, five were from North Carolina, two from Minnesota, one from Canada, one from California, one from Iowa, one from Oklahoma, one from New Jersey, and one from Virginia. Men are always welcome at the MJ2Day, but this time we were all sugar and spice and everything nice. Starting at the top row L to R: Emily Crall, Leslie Hancock (our lovely host), Monique Floyd, Taylor Forester, Jennifer Liong, Emma Conboy, Melissa Fogg, Anna Nesseth, Nancy Montoya, Michelle Neese (my friend and assistant), Stacey LaCoursiere, Sarah McMillian, Jill Luton, and Christine Budasoff.

The workshop took place at Leslie's home in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina:
Leslie's husband made us a sign to welcome the attendees. I was blown away by his talent!
The garden in Leslie's yard was in full bloom and we couldn't spend enough time outside:
When I arrived to set up for the workshop, I was welcomed by some sweet homemade signs in my guest room:
Leslie's house was beautiful and she made us feel right at home.
Of course, the best homemade chocolate chip cookies EVER and fun goodie-bags were on hand for the attendees when they arrived:
During day one of the workshop, I covered all sorts of photography-related topics including shooting techniques, looking for good light, finding locations, interacting with clients, posing, and off-camera flash.
On day two we talk about all things business: the state of the market, workflow, album design & sales, blogging & social media, website & branding, pricing, vendor relations & networking, and initial client meetings. I was also able to do 15-minute individual consultations with each attendee to answer any remaining questions they had. I love that time -- it really gave me a chance to connect with each one individually.

Stay tuned! In my next post I will be sharing more photos from the workshop and from our mock engagement shoot in Leslie's gorgeous yard!

Photographers -- there are still spots open for the next workshop in Phoenix in October! Click here for all the details and to register!
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