Today is Dixie's 6th birthday!

For the past two years we've had a glorified doggie-play date on her birthday in my backyard. This is the third year in a row, so Dixie's birthday party has officially become a tradition. Yep, I'm that kind of dog owner. The March weather in Arizona just screams for people to bask in it, so I figure, Dixie's birthday is as good an excuse as any to get my dog-loving friends together for some fun times. And that's just what we did on Sunday.
Both dog treats and human treats were on hand for the festivities:
And we even had a birthday cake for the pups courtesy of a local dog bakery:
Dixie loved seeing her doggie friends, but I think she enjoyed the human ones even more. Apparently she is part cat:
The dogs had fun running around and playing with each other. And Jackson quickly figured out where all the yummy treats were coming from:
We had a total of 14 dogs and 20 people in attendance and I made sure to take family portraits:
Sara took one of me and my girl too:
Here's the birthday girl putting up with her yearly hat torture. And to pre-answer the question I inevitably get in the comments every time I post photos of her -- yes, her eyelashes are real.
And finally -- the result of the most challenging group portrait ever:
SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks to all of Dixie's friends who came and made her birthday so special! We love you guys!!!
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