Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Favorite Outfit of the Week -- Polkadot blouse: Anthropologie / High-waisted skinny 7 For All Mankind jeans, boots & earrings: Nordstrom / Bracelet: Charming Charlie

Highlight of the week: The beginning of coziness. Snuggled up in front of my first one of these this season and had trouble getting out of bed every morning. Yay for fall!!

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Ate three of the fanciest s'mores I've ever seen (toasted in front of me with a blow torch).
2 -- Finally turned the heat on after Sara came to work and wore her winter jacket all day.

I seriously love my job so much. This week I got to go to a cocktail party at a fancy hotel, a yummy breakfast place for lunch, and a friend's studio to hang out & learn with a group of cool photographers all in the name of "networking."

Celebrating: By this time next week, I will have turkey and pumpkin pie in my belly. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I'm a bit excited.

Finished another great book. Any recommendations for my next read? (Please keep in mind that I am traumatized by affairs, overtly sexual content and dogs of any kind dying.)

Feeling Blessed: My house was cleaned and my pup was bathed this week. I'm also starting to get a hankering to bake some cookies like I do this time every year. So things are looking up in the sense of smell department.
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