Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Favorite Outfit of the Week -- Lace top & mustard skinny jeans (that I'm going to try to exchange for a smaller size cause they stretched SO much): Lucky / Scarf: local boutique store in San Clemente, CA / Wedges: Free People

Highlight of the week: It's my birthday week! Which at my age, translates to yelling at my mom for not calling me on my birthday and having an excuse to get cake with dinner. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I felt the love!

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Went to the dentist after having flossed minimally during the past year. Thirty-six years and still cavity-free!
2 -- Climbed a 15-foot mound of dirt in heels during this fun engagement session. Sometimes the price you pay to get the shot is shoes full of rocks.

The great thing about birthday week: Excessive eating-out. The bad thing about birthday week: Excessive eating-out.

Celebrating: I was nominated for Best Wedding Photographer in Phoenix by a local magazine! Yay! If you want to show your support and vote for me, I would much appreciate it. You can vote once per day per email address through November 30th. Not that you would, cause that's a lot. But you could.

Tomorrow I'm walking to raise awareness and money for autism research. If you appreciate and enjoy the content on this blog and are willing to make a small donation toward my team's goal, you would be officially awesome. Photos on Monday!

Feeling Blessed: I have friends who make me cookies, clients who send me thoughtful gifts, and even though it's not cool enough yet, I'm breaking out the scarves.
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