I don't know that I'm an avid reader. There are certainly people who read much more than I do. But I do enjoy a good book.

I mostly read for pleasure. And mostly read at night to distract my mind from solving the world's problems -- or at least the problems in my little corner of it. Escaping into a story is the only tried and true way I've found for getting a good night sleep.

Back in March of 2010, I started my 101 in 1001 goals list. And on it, I wrote goal #44 -- Read at least 75 books. In truth, I didn't challenge myself much with this goal. I knew if I read at my normal rate of an average of one book per 12 days, I would be able to check this one off before the 1001 days were up. And today is that day!

The 75 books I've read fall into the following categories:

On the topic of autism: 5
Biography: 13
Business: 6
Classics: 4
Historical Fiction: 9
Non-fiction: 16
Popular Fiction: 14
Spiritual: 8

Each book has impacted my life in some way -- making me marvel, think, dream, pray, advocate, spend my money differently, share my faith, and make certain decisions for the direction of my business.

These are the 75 books I read. I gave nearly 30% of them 5 star ratings and they are denoted with a red star:
I rated each book and wrote reviews on all but 6 of them on goodreads.com. I would love to share my thoughts on them, but that's just too much to fit in one blog post. So if you're interested in finding out more, look me up on Goodreads and you can see my ratings and reviews. You can even start your own list of books "to read" and add any of mine that catch your attention to your list.

Yay for reading! Now on to the next book...
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