Since reading The E-Myth Revisited a few years back, I've been on a mission to systematize every part of my business. Systemizing everything you do is SO important to giving your clients a consistent experience, being able to stay efficient with your workflow, making sure nothing falls through the cracks and creating a business that is scalable and able to handle growth. It also happens to be something I really enjoy doing. Every time I run into an issue I ask myself, "How can I change my systems in order to make sure this issue doesn't come up in the future?" And every time I want to add something new to my client experience, I ask "What do I need to do to make sure this happens for every future client without having to recreate the wheel each time?" Yep, I'm a nerd!

Over the course of 9 years, I have developed a very organized and efficient wedding workflow that offers my clients a high-end experience. In order to save other photographers -- who might not enjoy the business, organizational, and systemizing parts of their job as much as I do -- some time and headaches, I've decided to make all of my workflow forms and resources available for purchase! These are a great way to jump-start your way to an organized workflow or to take your current workflow and client experience to the next level.

You can purchase any of my workflow forms and resources under the Photographer Resources section of my website by clicking here.

This is what is available:

Wedding Info Sheet
Tips for Getting Your Best Wedding Images
Wedding Workflow Checklist
Wedding Contract
Getting to Know You Questionnaire
Final Details Questionnaire
Album Revision Form
Client Experience Surveys
Email Templates

And if you are interested in multiple forms and resources listed above, you can purchase a bundle of all 9 of my workflow forms and resources, and get a discount of over $100! Plus I throw in a .pdf of my package and pricing information!

Click here for pricing and a detailed explanation of each resource!
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