I just realized it's been a long time since I've checked anything off my 101 in 1001 list. I started working on this list of goals back in March of 2010 and I'm supposed to be finished with it by this November. Doh! This weekend I paid my list a visit and realized that I've completed a number of goals in recent months that I'd neglected to check off. That's the beauty of writing down your goals -- they enter your subconscious and you end up doing them even if you don't regularly review your list. Here's the goals I officially checked off this weekend:

2. Launch & promote new business idea - completed 3.21.12
3. Bring my personality out even more on my website/blog -- blog something personal once/weekish - completed 1.20.12
79. Release more Photojunction Templates - completed 5.2.12
80. Start an affiliate program for my PJ templates - completed 6.21.12
85. Update MJ2DAY workshop video - completed 3.13.12

And just last night I completed goal #30 -- Have a neighbor over for dinner!

I put this goal on my list back when I lived at my old house because I wanted to make an effort to get to know my neighbors. I did make one good neighbor friend in my old neighborhood, but unfortunately, never got around to having her for dinner. I've lived in my new house for almost 2 years now, and I'm excited to say that I know at least 10 families on my street already! I'm in love with my neighborhood -- it's SO friendly. When I take Dixie on a walk, I end up stopping to talk to no less than 4 people most days. These guys -- Tim and Amber -- are a cute newlywed couple who just moved in down the street a little over a year ago. They have a dog and Dixie and I have recently taken to stopping by their place on our way out to see if they want to join us. They often do and it's super fun to have walking buddies!
When I asked Tim & Amber for dinner, I made sure to keep their expectations low. I make the same smoothie for breakfast each morning, the same sandwich for lunch, and if I don't have leftovers from a restaurant, I make one of two things for dinner -- eggs or pasta. So cooking and me are not super-well acquainted. I decided to keep it simple -- tacos, guacamole and a fruit salad. Plus brownies for dessert :).
SO fun and yummy! I'm so thankful for all my sweet neighbor friends. Hopefully this is the first of many more dinners to come!
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