I just got back from Kansas City. I was there for a wedding. And this one was extra special because the bride was my sweet cousin Amanda.

They met at a wedding. Amanda caught Jeremy's eye right from the beginning; he couldn't help but notice her - she was beautiful and fun. Unfortunately...Amanda was kind of interested in someone else at the time and, honestly, thought Jeremy asked too many questions. Fortunately for Jeremy, while you only get one chance to make a first impression, he didn't give up, and Amanda finally gave in to his persistent pursuit. After dating for a while, he got down on one knee in Central Park and proposed. As Jeremy tells it, Amanda leaped back, gasped, covered her mouth and exclaimed, "Yes! Yes! Please!" Amanda was clearly smitten.

I ask all of my couples to tell me their favorite traits about their soon-to-be-spouses. The answers are always so heartfelt and Amanda and Jeremy are no exception. I wanted to share with you Jeremy's response, because in all my years I've never seen it put this way: Amanda is beauty - a) she is beautiful b) she appreciates beauty c) she makes things beautiful.

I couldn't agree more.

Jeremy and Amanda were married Sunday and the wedding day was perfect....except for the heat. It was 105 degrees with 50% humidity. The hardest part was that beyond the preparation portion of the day, everything was outdoors and the venue had no rooms with AC. So it was a sweaty day. But you would never know it from these images. I don't think I heard Jeremy or Amanda complain once and their joy at being married and celebrating with the people closest to them was overarching.

I have to give a huge shout-out to my friends and 2nd/3rd shooters Rebecca Peters and Allison Marie. These two are local to Kansas City and volunteered to come along and shoot with me for the hottest wedding ever. They were total troopers! Thanks guys!!

The day started at one of Amanda's bridesmaid's homes where the girls got ready. Amanda is super-talented. She has a degree in weaving and is the first bride I've photographed who made her own wedding dress. Crazy-amazing!!
This wedding was the extreme of DIY. I chopped cucumbers for sandwiches and had my arms in the most gigantic bowl of salad you've ever seen the day before the wedding. Amanda pointed out that while the saying goes, "These days, everybody and their cousin is a photographer," she has a cousin who actually IS a photographer :). We have 13 cousins on this side of our family and each of us had a job -- or multiple jobs as it were. Our cousin Ellie chopped cabbage and was the hairstylist:
Amanda's friend and bridesmaid did an amazing job on the flowers:
The first look took place mid-day under a huge tree that has special significance to Jeremy and Amanda. I love how visual their love is for one another:
Next we headed to the Weston Red Barn Farm -- the site of the ceremony and reception.
Amanda looked stunning!!! I love her natural curls and big smile:
We stayed in the shade for portraits but got some great ones:
Again with the stunningness:
The bridal party -- I loved their style:
Amanda and her sister and maid-of-honor, Ashlie:
Jeremy had eight friends stand up for him on his side:
This is my extended family that made it to the wedding. I set up the photo and then jumped in it while Allison snapped it for me:
The ceremony and reception took place in the barn. During the ceremony, guests sat at the tables that were already set up for the reception.
The aisle ran between two long banquet tables:
Jeremy and Amanda embraced the unconventional at many turns. Amanda walked down the aisle before her attendants and then the two welcomed each member of the bridal party with an embrace:
Husband and wife!
I love the emotion in the first dance:
And then the party started!!
To see even more photos from this amazing day, click here to watch the slideshow! Get ready for a good cry, aunt Wendy :).


Equipment used for this wedding: Canon 5D Mark III // Canon 50mm 1.2 lens // Canon 24mm 1.4 lens // Canon 70-200 2.8 lens
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