Love this group of people I've been able to spend the last couple of days with in Annapolis for the MJ2DAY! They came to learn, and I effectively poured the entire contents of my brain on them. It was a lot, but I so enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them in the process!

Of the group of 14 attendees, five were from Pennsylvania, four from Maryland, two from Virginia, one from Delaware, one from New York and one from Texas. Starting at the top row L to R: Kyle Horton, Coty Jones, Tina Kent, Shawna Morath, Heather Mogish-Persun, Rebecca Keeling, Rachel Roberts, Jessica Haley (our fabulous host), Andy Davies, Heather Goodreau, Jennifer Rotz, Katelyn Mizell, Erin Whitney, and Anabella Wewer.

The workshop took place at the Annapolis home of some of my super-generous past-wedding-clients-turned-friends -- Dave & Jessica:
Not only is their home picturesque, but this is the view from their backyard:
I had never been to Annapolis before. It was such a sweet, quaint town that I could just walk around exploring for hours. My favorite things were the hydrangeas blooming everywhere and the brightly-painted row houses:
The first night Sara and I got there, Dave and Jessica took us out on their boat. This is their backyard -- the scene of our Sunday night meet-and-greet -- from the boat:
And a couple other photos I shot while boating:
The workshop went great, but it was not without a few hiccups. The AC gave us some trouble for two days. On the second day of attempting to fix it, the repair man chased this baby possum out of the duct work in the basement.
During day one of the workshop, I covered all sorts of photography-related topics including shooting techniques, looking for good light, finding locations, interacting with clients, posing, and off-camera flash. These next few photos were shot by Sara. Here I am on day one demonstrating how I would photograph a ceremony in harsh light. Jen and Katelyn made such a cute couple:
The room where most of the workshop took place had windows on three sides with a view of the creek out back:
Each attendee received a workbook packed full of info:
On day two we talk about all things business: the state of the market, workflow, album design & sales, blogging & social media, website & branding, pricing, vendor relations & networking, and initial client meetings. I was also able to do 15-minute individual consultations with each attendee to answer any remaining questions they had. I love that time -- it really gave me a chance to connect with each one individually.

And one final photo of the whole crew:
Stay tuned! Monday I will be sharing more photos from the workshop and from our mock engagement shoot in downtown Annapolis!

Photographers who are interested in attending an upcoming workshop, we still have openings in Orange County, CA workshop this summer! Click here for all the details and to register!
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