Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Favorite Outfit of the Week -- Tank tops: Forever 21 / Cardigan: Ruche / High-waisted skinny 7 For All Mankind jeans: Nordstrom / Flip-flops: Aldo / Necklace: Etsy / Earrings: Nordstrom

My house has officially turned into doggie day-care. I'm watching these two cuties for David & Katie this week while they're out of town. It's a regular bark-fest around here at least a dozen times a day. One barks and the rest join in even if they didn't hear anything themselves. And me attempting to walk three dogs simultaneously = comical.

Highlight of the week: Quality time with my cute mom. Not only was Sunday Mother's Day, but Monday was my mom's birthday. I feel bad for her -- it's kind of like having your birthday right around Christmas. But we did our best to cram a whole lot of specialness into those two days.

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Thought I had a choice between paying for a photo-radar red light ticket or attending a class. Opted to pay the fine only to find out moments later that I have to take a class anyway. Undo! Undo!
2 -- Nearly fell asleep in the massage pedicure chair. I'm always exhausted the day after a wedding. Add the "kneading/rolling" mode & warm suds between my toes and I'm dead to the world.

Half a dozen birds this week alone have flown into the front window of my house. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't open. Sara and I will be working away and Dixie will be snoozing on the couch and all of a sudden we'll hear a familiar THUD. Dixie runs with her tail between her legs to the back room in fear and Sara and I look in pity out at the very dazed and confused creature. Sometimes the bird will sit there for a good half-hour before flying or hobbling away. Considering getting a "not a through passage" sign to prevent the reoccurring trauma.

Celebrating: The final +one spot left in the June MJ2DAY workshop in Annapolis, Maryland was claimed! We're officially sold-out and $1,100 goes to Thirst Relief and will provide 220 people clean drinking water for life. Praise God!

Getting sucked into watching The Bachelorette, once again, against my better judgement. Anyone else ready to judge & criticize people with me? Looking forward to seeing if Emily handles this season with as much class as she has shown up to this point AND if any of the guys turn out to be good enough for her.

Feeling Blessed: I have food on the table and a working AC unit for the Arizona summer!
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