Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Favorite Outfit of the Week -- Yellow striped top: Nordstrom / Cardigan: J Crew / Joe's jeans: Anthropologie / Nude heels: Aldo / J Crew Bubble Bib necklace: eBay

Gave blood and even though the phlebotomist dug around in my left arm for awhile trying to find my veins that like to hide, I was determined. The only thing worse that getting stuck twice is making an appointment, driving all that way, going through the never-ending verbal questionnaire for the umpteenth time and having it all be for nothing. Thankfully my right arm cooperated.

Highlight of the week: Got to see the all-girls choir from my alma mater APU perform on their tour near my house. I was in this choir my freshman/sophomore year and then in the University Choir & Orchestra for my last two years. We recorded CDs each year, sang year-round at churches and toured after the end of each spring semester. On one of those tours, I drove a Penske truck through middle Kansas and nearly got run off the road by an oncoming semi. SO many great memories. Seeing the choir was amazing but also made me realize most of the girls were in diapers when I was in their shoes. Seriously can't believe it's been 15 years!

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Got up at 5am and had a fight with my smoke detector a la Phoebe on FRIENDS. Getting it to stop beeping wasn't so much the issue as figuring out where the beeping was coming from.
2 -- Stumbled through a dust storm that hit Dixie and I half-way through our walk. Dust storms are pleasant really, except for the part where dust lodges in your eyeballs.

Got a text from my sweet friend Camille that her plane was delayed on a layover in Phoenix and dropped everything to run over and pick her up for dinner. Love it when the unexpected turns into such a sweet, fun memory.

Celebrating: There's only one spot left in the June MJ2DAY workshop in Annapolis, Maryland! Wasn't sure for awhile if this one was going to fill up. I REALLY want to fill that final spot, though, because the full $1,100 registration fee goes to Thirst Relief and will provide 220 people clean drinking water for life.

Shooting this sweet couple's wedding tomorrow and can't wait to try out these Canon 600EX-RTs that B&H lent me. No pocket wizards required! Radio transmission is built in! I have played with them a little and have a feeling I will end up keeping them. Review to come next week!

Feeling Blessed: I can't imagine facing the trials and sadness this world brings without the peace, joy and hope Christ offers. So blessed that I don't have to.
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