For the last four days I've been watching my parents' dog Lacy (left) while they are out of town. As all of you who have been reading this blog for any amount of time know, I'm a HUGE dog lover. But my watching Lacy is more of a testament to my love for my parents than my love for her.

Dixie and Lacy are both miniature schnauzers, but other than that, and the fact that they both love walks, they are about as different as two dogs can be. Lacy is a spazz; Dixie is a snuggler. Lacy is ultra-dominant; Dixie is submissive. Lacy inhales her food in one bite; Dixie grazes here and there.

Ever since I've had Dixie, I've debated as to whether or not I should get a second dog. On one hand, I think she would like a buddy to play with; on the other, I wonder if she would be happy sharing me. I've always wished that I could know what she would say if I asked her. I think I got my answer this weekend.

During Lacy's visit I was convinced of two things:

1. I need to brush Dixie's teeth DAILY. She's only 5 and I've done a good job so far -- she is so clean and sweet-smelling. Lacy is 9 or 10 and you can smell her coming. I feel bad showing favoritism, but that mug and that breath is one combo only a mother could love.
2. Dixie wants to be an only-dog. It was beyond obvious at different points throughout the last few days that she was shooting out this message through her eyes: "Mom, I want to be the only dog you love."

So that's that. I'm a one-dog-woman. And completely smitten with my sweet girl.
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