I'm SOOOO excited to finally announce to you the project I've been working on for nearly a year now! I feel like I had a baby and I'm posting photos of her for the first time today -- haha! Whatever you do -- don't call my baby ugly :).

Today I'm launching a new business to help photographers get their lives back. It's called Align Album Design and we are an outsourcing solution for professional photographers who want to focus on what they love doing -- whether that's shooting or building your business. Do what you love. Let us design your albums.

I know there are other resources out there for album design. But we specialize in offering clean, modern designs, both fast and affordably. Album designs are done in 4 business days or less and 3 rounds of revisions are included for the low price of $4/page or $8/spread.

We have a GORGEOUS website with branding and design by the incredibly talented Promise Tangeman and expert programming and implementation by Brock with Infinet Design. I couldn't have even fathomed taking on this project without this dream team beside me! Here's a screen shot of the home page, but click here to see the full site!
Photographers get to choose from three design styles. You can see descriptions and examples of the various styles here.
The designs that come out of Align are clean and simple -- and really show off your images.

In addition to offering clean designs super-fast at an affordable price, we top it all off with a cherry: You can use discount code 1STORDER to get HALF OFF your first order!!
Woot woot! That's right -- you know that studio sample you've been meaning to design? Or that one album you just haven't gotten around to yet? We are here for you my friend! Use discount code 1STORDER to get 1/2 off your first order and see for yourself if Align can be just the thing you need to help free you up to focus on your business and get your life back.

Click here to check out the website!


Note to photo friends and faithful fans: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you guys would help me out by spreading the word about Align! You can find us all over the web here:

Align Website
Facebook -- Please like us!
Twitter: @align

Anything you are willing to do to help spread the word about Align -- blog, twitter, FB -- would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks best blog readers ever!!
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