It's finished!! I started crocheting this afghan last April and finally finished it! Yay!!

I loved this project so much. I've crocheted on and off for years but prior to starting this blanket, hadn't done anything in a few years. It was so fun to pick it up again. I love working with my hands and crochet is great to do while watching TV next to the fire.
This particular pattern is called "circle in a granny square" and I found it through Pinterest here. The idea is to use your left-over yarn scraps to put together the circles. But I didn't have a ton of scraps, and to tell you the truth -- one of my favorite parts of this project was picking out the perfect colors for it. I spent a couple hours in the yarn store looking through all the gorgeous skeins.
Here's the prettiness in it's entirety. Sara is holding it up over her head, so that gives you an idea of it's size.
Dixie and I will for sure be enjoying this blanket for years to come! Yay for checking another goal off my 101 in 1001 list!
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