WHAT a cute, sweet group we had for the Phoenix MJ 2 DAY this week! I feel like I've been talking non-stop since Sunday night. Oh wait -- I have. But it was SUCH a joy to do so because I got to talk with these gorgeous, talented photographers.

Guys are always welcome at the MJ2DAY but this time, the crew was all sugar and spice and everything nice. Six were from Arizona, 4 from Texas, one from Boston, one from Atlanta and one from California. Starting at the top row L to R: Elizabeth Langford, Jessica Leigh, Michelle Boyd, Heather Smith, Lauren Pinson, Debra Malkiewicz, Daylelynn Davis, June Lantzer, Karyne Norton, Amy Kelly, Suzanne Melissa, Kim Thuillez, Sara Nevels (my A-M-A-Z-I-N-G office manager & assistant for the workshop), and Andrea Brewster.

The workshop took place at my home in Phoenix. I planted some flowers last week to spruce the place up:
Each attendee received a gift bag with fun trinkets AND over $350 worth of gifts from our generous sponsors.
Yummy snacks, including my friend Julie's homemade chocolate chip cookies, were on hand and thoroughly consumed:
Each attendee also received this great workbook full of info in which to take notes:
We spent some time the first day talking about photography-related topics such as shooting techniques, how to see and find great natural light, interacting with clients, posing, picking shooting locations, post-processing and off-camera flash for receptions:
Dixie insisted on occupying a spot on her sofa:
The second day we talk about all things business: the state of the market, workflow, album design & sales, blogging & social media, website & branding, pricing, vendor relations & networking, and initial client meetings:
Dixie was sad to be left inside when we headed out shooting:
And the whole stinkin' cute group:
Thanks to Jared Platt, Larry Reeves and Will Duris for the above photos I'm in!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will be sharing some images from our mock engagement shoot!

Photographers who are interested in attending an upcoming workshop, we still have openings in the Annapolis and Orange County workshops this summer! Click here for all the details and to register!
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