Dixie and I got an exciting delivery this week! It's a pretty new red picnic table!

When I bought my house a year and a half ago, the previous owner left me this charming, yet slightly decrepit model:
The base of it was covered in rust due to our flood irrigation, and one day, while me and some friends were sitting on it, one of the benches gave way, landing us on the ground. So... I figured it might be time for a new picnic table.

Searching on Pinterest, I fell in love with this charming red one:
Then I used the ever-helpful Facebook to ask my friends if anyone knew someone local who makes custom picnic tables. Facebook is even more helpful than Siri. You simply ask and receive. I was connected with a guy named Joey Pacheco. I showed him my dream table and wa-la! A few short weeks later, he showed up with this beauty:
Of course, Dixie always feels the need to jump in the photo if I'm taking one in her vicinity. But she wasn't too keen on sitting on top of the table. Here is her I'm-annoyed-with-you-mom-and-refuse-to-look-at-you-face:
I'm so excited! The MJ2DAY attendees will be here in just over a week and it's going to make lunches outside perfect!

I also get to check off goal #94 on my 101 in 1001 list. Check!
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