On Friday night I checked a fun goal off my list. Goal #50 to be exact -- See Taylor Swift in concert.

Super. Fun.

I went with my friends Julie and Katina and my sister and parents (who somehow didn't make the photo collage -- sorry guys!) and we had a blast. Although our seats were only 6 rows from the very top of the arena, we were thoroughly entertained and yes, I sang most of the words.

With Taylor Swift you just can't help it -- her songs are so catchy.

I'm just amazed at her song-writing abilities. She's been on the earth all of what...21 years?... and she writes in a way that is SO genuine and SO relatable. Seriously mind-blowing. My favorite song of hers is "Back to December." Brilliant and so uniquely evocative.

It will be fun to watch her career develop over the years -- so much talent and so much time to share it. I'm a fan!
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