I don't usually like to toot my own horn. Best to leave the horn tooting to others. But I can't help it this one time.

Yesterday, Sara insisted we go to lunch. She was being very mysterious about the whole thing to the point where I was worried she was going to drop some big announcement on me.

We sat down at lunch with our yummy In-N-Out hamburgers and fries in front of us and she proceeded to present me with a trophy:
Since the last time I won a trophy was at 4th grade soccer camp, I was pretty excited. I didn't know quite what to do because I didn't have a speech prepared. I didn't know we were going to an awards ceremony so needless to say, I was completely blown away that I WON.

Turns out Sara thought Boss' day was the 16th -- this Sunday -- and this was the last available day for us to go to lunch before then. So she surprised me.

I'm assuming this illustrious award is one of a kind since it says, "MOST awesome boss" on it. The unfortunate news for the rest of the bosses out there is that the best they can do is come in a close second. I'm shocked, really. I figured I'm a decent boss, but I had no idea I was the MOST awesome.

To really drive home the point, the trophy not only displays the fact that I am the most awesome. It says it. OUT LOUD. Exhibit A:

So I guess that settles it.


P.S. Turns out Boss's day is officially October 16th -- and in fine print: or the closest working day. So it's not officially till Monday. Sara is clearly gunning for the Most Awesome Employee trophy. And she also thought it would be nice for you guys to have a heads up -- Boss's day is Monday.
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