If you haven't already heard the exciting news, Melissa Jill Photography is now offering both high school AND college senior portraits! And we're not just taking your photos -- we're making a super-cool experience out of it!

Meet our team (from L to R) -- Sara - The photographer. Alex - The stylist. Tina - The hair & make-up artist.

These girls know their stuff and are guaranteed to make seniors look AMAZING. Sara is my senior portrait specialist. She will be shooting all senior sessions for Melissa Jill Photography. If you haven't yet seen her work, click here to see one of her recent sessions with high school senior, Savanna. Sara has a knack for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and she's SO personable and easy to work with. She really excels at working with seniors so that their individuality and unique personality is evident in their photos.

Alex has been a pro-stylist for 2 years and is the owner of AVE Styles. Besides styling the senior from head-to-toe, she really instills confidence in those she works with. She has styled me on a number of occasions -- including this shoot with Promise Tangeman -- and so I speak from experience!! To top it all off -- her bubbly, sweet personality makes her so fun to work with!

Tina is a pro-hairstylist & make-up artist with years of experience. She is also a photographer, so she really knows what translates well in photos. She did my hair and make-up for my photos with Promise last fall, and I've also gotten the chance to work with her numerous times over the years. I love each and every thing she does. She's amazing!

As you can tell, we've gathered quite the dream team. All three girls are amazing at what they do, and super-fun to boot!

So, what is The Senior Portrait Experience all about? Well, it consists of 4 uniquely awesome parts: The Initial Consultation, The Styling Session, The Photo Shoot, and The Viewing & Ordering Session.

The Initial Consultation is a time for Sara, the senior, and the parents to really get to know each other. Lots of bonding takes place here. Stories are shared, questions are answered, expectations are set, and decisions are made.

The Styling Session is a phone chat with Alex, where she will talk through different look options with the senior using Pinterest.com. Together, they will discuss their favorite looks and how to achieve them with the clothing the senior already owns, or talk about where to go shopping to find the clothes that will give them the looks they want. She'll also find out what the senior's hair & makeup preferences are, so that she can make sure Tina knows EXACTLY what they want on the day of the shoot. And don't worry, we have plenty of alternatives FOR GUYS to make this time worth their while too!

The Photo Shoot is the main event -- Hooray! Depending on how the senior wants their hair & makeup, it's safe to assume they'll be with us for 4 hours. Better to over-estimate than under! We plan 2 hours for preparation and 1-2 hours for the photo shoot. This also gives a little wiggle room for traveling to their location. We'll start at our office where Tina will do their hair & makeup and Alex will put together 3 outfits. As soon as the senior is ready, we'll head out for the shoot!

The Viewing & Ordering Session is the very first time the senior will see any of their images...SO EXCITING! We'll show a slideshow of all their images and have them pick out their favorites while celebrating with sparkling cider. Parents are required to attend, since we give an extra 25% off all of our prints and canvases if they purchase during this session. We will post the photos online for friends and family to order from, but the discount is only valid for the senior at their viewing & ordering session.

Pretty cool, right?! We think so too.

We are also currently looking for Senior Representatives (Senior Reps) to help us spread the word. We're looking for outgoing, sociable seniors who are involved in a few clubs/sports/programs at school or with a wide network of friends. Contact us to find out what the benefits are for being a MJP Senior Rep! Spots are limited!
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