This past weekend, on the first day of October, I officially entered my mid-30s. There's no denying it (although I'm somewhat suspicious that there may be a mistake with my birth certificate) I am 29 + 6.

Sara blew me away and surprised me with red velvet birthday cupcakes from Sprinkles. SO SCRUMPTIOUS.

Here's an she took of me looking armless -- don't be alarmed, I still have them.
She also bought me a gift off my Pinterest b-day and Christmas wishlist board -- cute bowls from Anthropology!
If you're one of those people who is hard to buy for or who can never think of something they want when asked, definitely go start a Pinterest wishlist board -- so handy! I also received this beverage dispenser from my parents and a cute necklace off of Etsy from my sister thanks to the board.

Thanks to everyone who made me feel special during my birthday week! I feel so blessed!
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