On Saturday, my team and I walked for the fifth year in a row to raise money and awareness for autism. I was completely blown away by the turn-out! We had 82 people wearing our kelly green shirts -- fully doubled the size of our team from last year's walk. Click here to see the 2010 team photo for comparison!

My heart is so full that all of these people showed up at 7 in the morning on a Saturday to walk in the heat! Two drove up the night before from Tucson, one walked with a cast on her leg and many families showed up with multiple kids in tow -- no small feat of organization!

I loved seeing the masses of green shirts walking together:
My friend and fellow photographer, Lizzie came out with her sister and two nephews. And Sara got a photo of me with my cute 11-year-old nephew Noah -- one of the two boys we walked in honor of!
And here is sweet 9-year-old Elijah:
We had some encouragement along the route:
And I love how the course was littered with fun facts related to autism:
The walk ended in the zoo and we were able to stop along the way to say hi to the animals:
I love how kid-friendly the walk is. This is the youngest member of our team -- little 5-week-old Noah. Hopefully he'll be doing some walking of his own on next year's course!
One-year-old Hamilton wore his dress/shirt proudly. And twenty-month-old Annie is a veteran -- she was one of the youngest members of last year's walk.
Our team was one of the teams who raised the most money this year:
Our goal was to raise $4,000 and once again, I didn't dream big enough. We ended up raising a total of $5,032.39!!! AMAZING!!

Thank you to each and every one of you who donated and helped us to do something great in the fight to find answers for the 1 in 110 children affected by autism!!! The proceeds we raised will go toward the Autism Research Institute - a national charity that conducts and sponsors practical research into the causes of autism and how to treat it, and toward the local ASU research program. The ASU research program is doing some exciting studies that are revealing practical treatments that are being implemented to change childrens' lives NOW.

If you didn't get a chance to participate this year -- it's not too late! You can still donate online here! And plan ahead to join us next year!


Equipment used for above photos:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24mm 1.4 lens
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