My eleven year old nephew, Noah, loves anything having to do with technology and communicating. If he met you, one of the first things he would ask you is what your email address is. After he coaxed that out of you, you would have an email waiting in your inbox before you even said goodbye to him. He leaves comments on my blog, is a whiz at Facebook and is constantly inviting me to the latest mode of communication -- lately it's been HeyTell.

In addition to being super-cute and one-with-technology, Noah has a moderate form of autism.

For the past 4 years my family and friends have been raising money for autism research by participating in a walk for autism each fall. This year's walk is coming up in just two weeks on October 1st. By now, Noah knows the drill and is always super-excited and geared up for the walk. This year, he's participating in the fund-raising efforts and has been sharing links on Facebook and sending out emails to people asking them to donate. By way of giving you some insight into my oldest nephew, I wanted to share one of these emails with you that particularly impressed me. Natalie -- Noah's mother and my sister -- helped prompt him on what to remember to include in the email but Noah composed it himself.

Hey Families and Everyone,

I wanted to you guys to donate or join the team online. This is the link for the story and our family. and if u donate or join the team.

This is story for the zoowalk if u donate or join the team online. If you want to come to the zoowalk on october 1. 2011.

If you want to come to the zoowalk donate or join. do it online.... This one fun were going to where the t-shirt get a new t-shirt.

I can't wait to see you at the zoowalk on october 1, 2011. and were going to bring the wagon to the zoowalk. on oct 1. I am excited to you on oct 1...

The merry-go-round is free and the zoo is free. Hope you guys see you there!! :) Feel free to call or text me or email me.

Just email me back reply to me. Let me know! Thanks!!.html

Noah Worden
Noah's Computer LLC
Talk Mobile LLC

And below this signature -- and I'm not exaggerating -- is a list of two phone numbers where you can reach Noah and SIX email addresses.

Our team has currently raised $2,155 toward our $4,000 goal -- thanks in part to Noah's efforts. But we only have two weeks to go! If you could help us by donating even $5 or $10, that would be amazing! Click on the bottom link in Noah's email to do so. Thanks! I appreciate you guys so much!

And if anyone is in need of additional daily emails to fill your inbox, let me know and I'll be happy to pass on your address to Noah :).
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