Word to the wise. You do NOT want to mess with Arizonans right now.

Those of us who live south of Flagstaff are all walking around on the brink of killing someone. We're a mass of melting human flesh that is ready to snap. We've had FOUR MONTHS of hundred degree temperatures nearly every day and we still have a full month to go. While everyone from other areas of the country on twitter is talking about fall weather, we see no end in sight. For those of you who live in snow country, it's pretty much akin to how you feel in March. We're OVER it.

Today is a bit overcast, which is rare here, and I'm longing for fall. We still have two seemingly endless months to go before fall descends on Phoenix, but a girl can dream, right?

Here are my top 10 reasons I'm looking forward to fall:

#10 -- I will no longer need to fear debilitating dehydration when running errands. Just getting in and out of a car and walking into stores in this heat causes a person to sweat their weight in fluids.

#9 -- Fall TV line-up! My favorite summer TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, is long-over and there's basically been nothing good on since. There are a few new shows coming up this fall that look intriguing -- New Girl, Up All Night, Free Agents, Pan Am, Charlie's Angels, and Person of Interest. And of course some of my returning favorites -- Modern Family, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Survivor, Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser. Can't wait for fall TV!

#8 -- I get to use my fireplace.

#7 -- (And this one relates both to #8 and #6) The use of the word "cozy" will once again be appropriate.

#6 -- I will find use for this project I've been working on for months. I'm getting VERY close to finishing. I have all 192 circles done and half of them assembled. Here's a sneak peek of the progress:
#5 -- Changing leaves. We don't have a lot of leaves that change in Phoenix, but I live on a street with big trees and can't wait to see them get all pretty and colorful.

#4 -- Long walks with Dixie. This summer I've been taking Dix on shorter walks down the street and back right around sunset. Her walk is her favorite part of the day but we get a quarter mile down the road and she's huffing, I'm sweating and it's time to turn around. The other day I felt for a brief 5 seconds what seemed to be a cool breeze. It was heavenly and strange at the same time. I haven't felt a breeze that doesn't feel like a hairdryer is blowing on me in months. I can't wait to actually get out and enjoy the outdoors again!!

#3 -- We have some exciting business plans in the works this fall! Can't wait to share them with you!

#2 -- The Holidays. Thanksgiving clear through December is just my favorite time of year. CAN'T WAIT.

And the #1 reason I'm looking forward to fall........

I get to select clothing from this part of my closet:
Fall, come quickly!
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