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I don't like wedding albums ... I ADORE wedding albums! I passionately believe in them and the value they provide to my clients. But I see so many engaged couples -- especially in this digital age -- who don't understand why I feel so strongly about them.

If you're engaged and are questioning whether a wedding album is worth it, this post is for you! On behalf of myself and many other wedding photographers, here are four things that every engaged couple should know about wedding albums:

1 -- A wedding album makes your photos more accessible.
I mentioned before that we're living in a digital age, and that especially applies to photos. We take and store more photographs than any generation before us, but we tend to print very few, if ANY of those images! Think about all of the amazing photos you have stored on your computer and phone. How many of those have you printed and displayed? A wedding album takes your photos out of the digital world and puts them right onto your coffee table or bookshelf. This makes your wedding photos SO MUCH MORE available and present in your everyday life! You don't have to go digging through files and drives on your computer to spend time with your wedding photos ... just open the book in front of you and flip through it! Your wedding photography is a big investment, and an album helps to ensure you get the most out of it by putting the photos right where you can easily enjoy them!

2 -- A wedding album offers quality construction and design.
Growing up, the photo albums that I saw were usually little binders with photos stuck haphazardly to the pages -- sometimes with glue, sometimes with "magnetic pages." A professional wedding album has very little in common with those old photo books! A wedding album is a high quality artifact crafted by professional printers and binders, who usually offer their services exclusively to professional photographers. There are many album companies who offer their own unique styles; I use Queensberry and Align Legacy Books -- both high quality options. But whatever company your photographer uses, they have put time and care into choosing a company that will provide you with an excellent quality album that will last long into the future.

Another big difference between a wedding album and a DIY photo album is the design. A wedding album is not just a bunch of pictures assembled into a book -- it's a beautifully designed record of the story of your wedding day. Your photographer or their design team will create a custom album design that not only shows off the gorgeous details but also tells the story of the day in a compelling manner.
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3 -- A wedding album is a reminder of what's wonderful about your relationship.
One of my past brides, Kindra, once shared with me what her mother-in-law said to her one day before her wedding. Her mother-in-law, Nancy, wanted to have a conversation, woman-to-woman, with the woman who was marrying her son. Nancy said, "When you go through hard times -- and you WILL go through hard times -- I want you to find your wedding album and sit down on the sofa next to Michael. Look through it page by page and relive your wedding day. I don't know anyone who can get through their album without remembering why they love each other and knowing they can make it through anything together."

I think about that story often, and it's a huge part of why I feel so strongly that wedding albums are valuable for every couple. When things get rough, as they do in this life, your wedding album will be a reminder of your love and the value of your relationship.
4 -- A wedding album shares your story with future generations.
A few years ago, one of my past brides, Ashley, told me that her wedding album had become her daughter Emerson's favorite book. Ashley and Emmy would look through the pages together, talking about the people, the details, the emotions. It was like a fairy tale for Emmy, only it was populated by her own parents. And any time Ashley's husband David danced with Emmy, he would dip her and she would exclaim, "Like Mommy at your wedding!"

This story illustrates the way a wedding album can make your story come alive for your children, and I think this will become even more powerful for the generations that come after them. A wedding album not only preserves the memories of your love for you and your spouse, but for your family both current and future!

A wedding album is your first family heirloom -- one that makes your photos more accessible, helps you connect with your spouse during rough times, and becomes an enduring treasure for future generations. It is the one product in which I always hope my clients will choose to invest!
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4 things every engaged couple should know about wedding albums
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