These four gorgeous women are my associate wedding photographers. They do a fabulous job shooting weddings for Melissa Jill Photography at a lower price point than my own. Hiring them is a GREAT alternative if you can't afford to spend $5,500+ on your wedding photography, but you still want the quality and service that comes with the Melissa Jill brand.

I don't blog every associate wedding, but every few months I love to share some of my favorite photos from our recent associate weddings, so you can get a glimpse into the amazing talent of these girls.

This first set of images are from weddings shot by Rachel. I love the quality of the moment in each of these shots:
These next images are from weddings shot by Michelle. I love the emotion she was able to capture:
This next set of images is from a wedding shot by Tina. This couple is so sweet together!
And these last images highlight Mary's work. I love the light in these images and how the bride just seems to glow!
Yay! I'm so proud of these girls and thankful for their amazing talent and the heart they bring to every event they shoot.

To find out more about our associate program and see more of Rachel, Michelle, Tina and Mary's work, click here. If you are interested in hiring one of them for your upcoming wedding, click here and fill out our contact form!
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