Groom holds bride hand in hand and looks softly towards her.
One of my amazing associate photographers, Rachel, recently shot a wedding that I can't wait to share with you! Clinton & Anne were married at Sanctuary on Camelback in a gorgeous morning ceremony followed by brunch. How much fun is that?! Rachel really captured the emotion and beauty of their day! I love it!

Here are some of my faves:
Sapphire jeweled bridal flats.
Hanging layered wedding gown.
Big dangled diamond earrings for bride.
Simple green and white bouquet for bride.
Bride hair preparation with personalized bridal robe.
Bride with her bridesmaids laugh in preparation bedroom with matching robes.
Bride gets help zipping her dress up during preparation for wedding.
Bride gets clipped by mother of bride into wedding gown.
Silhouette of bride before wedding near curtain window.
Diamond silver wedding rings.
Groomsen share a drink and moment before wedding.
Groom buttons colored white sleeve before wedding.
Groomsmen helps groom button vest before wedding ceremony.
Beautiful bride walks up behind groom for the first look.
Bride and groom hug joyfully during first-look.
Bride and groom intertwine hands during first-look session. Posed at Sanctuary on Camelback.
Bride and groom pose on hill at Sanctuary on Camelback. First-look shoot.
Groom kisses bride on forehead on stairwell. Outdoor Phoenix weddings.
Sweet moment of groom kissing bride on cheek during first look session.
Bride and groom smile face to face closely in outdoor garden at Camelback Santuary.
Bride and groom pose during first look session. Outdoor weddings.
Groom hugs bride goodbye before wedding ceremony. Sanctuary on Camelback weddings.
Bride smiles joyfully in outdoor garden.
Bridesmaids simple bouquet arrangement.
Bride laughs with bridesmaids before wedding ceremony.
Two piece bridal sapphire skirt with lace top and pennants.
White lawn chair with green leaf decor. Ceremony at Sanctuary on Camelback weddings.
Wild and loose flower arrangement decor. Outdoor Phoenix weddings.
Fiddler plays the violin during reception. Outdoor wedding.
Wood table decor for guests and loose flower and stick arrangements in vase. Outdoor weddings.
Groom awaits his bride to be walking down the aisle. Sanctuary on Camelback weddings.
Bride begins walking down aisle with father. Outdoor wedding ceremony.
Bride and father smile at guests while walking down aisle.
Bride and father listen to officiant before giving her away to groom.
Bride and groom smile while officiant speaks opening words to family and friends of guests.
Bride places ring on groom while officiant reads. Outdoor wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom cheer as they are officially announced married. Sanctuary on Camelback ceremony
Light and airy table arrangement for guests and table numbers.
Lemonade refreshments for guests on table setting.
Bride and groom cheer as guests applaud their entrance into reception.
Groom leads bride during first dance. Guests watch in outdoor wedding reception.
Bride and groom dance closely as they embrace this moment.
Bride and groom share first dance during reception. Outdoor Sanctuary on Camelback weddings.
Guests cheer their champagne during a toast.
Bride and father share silly moment of dancing in showing colorful shoes and socks to guests.
Bride hugs father after first dance. Guests watch this sweet moment.
Outdoor reception at Sanctuary on Camelback Weddings. Guests sit under umbrella hangings.
Wonderful job, Rachel!

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Venue: Sanctuary on Camelback // Florist/Decor: Butterfly Petals // Makeup: Leslie Chanan // Hair: Samantha Lopez // DJ: Got You Covered // Officiant: Jim Green // Cake: Classic Cakes and Confections
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