Yesterday I walked with my team to raise awareness and funds for autism for the fourth year in a row! It is amazing to see how the team grows each year as more and more people get on board! This year we had 50 people walk with our team and clearly, I need to buy more green shirts for next year!

Thanks to the efforts of my team and your generosity in giving, we raised a total of $3,000 -- exceeding our goal! And donations are still trickling in. If you want to give, there is still time! Click here to donate!

It's HOT in Arizona right now. There's no other way to say it. Thankfully we got started at 7am on the walk but temperatures hit the 100s before we finished. Thanks to everyone who walked -- you were such troopers!

My nephews are getting so big! Noah is 10 and he gets SO excited about the walk each year. He was even inviting people to walk through Facebook this year!
He insisted once again on pulling Elijah in his wagon for the entire length of the walk:
And this is Elijah who is 8. Such a sweetness:
The walk started at a stadium near the zoo and then continued through the trails of the zoo where we could stop to see some animals.
Jeremy, one of Noah's classmates, joined our team this year with his family. Noah was so excited!
Fun, or in this case not-so-fun facts dotted the trail route:
We were excited when the finish line came in view!
We were all pretty tuckered out:
All in all the walk was a huge success! We'll be doing it again next year to continue in the effort to find a cause and cure!
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