This week, instead of sharing a bunch of info about autism, I'm going to share one girl's story.

Carly is 14 years old and has a fairly extreme form of autism. She is non-verbal. Not all children with autism can't speak, but those who have more severe cases often suffer from this inability. My two nephews both have autism but one of them speaks, and one of them -- the 8-year-old, Elijah -- doesn't. Often when children with autism can't speak, they are thought to also be mentally challenged. But this is not necessarily the case, as you'll see from Carly's story. Watch this video to hear her story and prepare yourself to be amazed.

I often wish I could hear what little Elijah thinks and am so sad that he is often unable to get his thoughts across. What amazing hope and perspective Carly's story brings to the issues surrounding autism. I'm so thankful that she has been given a voice and that the world can hear what she has to say!

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