My two sweet nephews are two of the 1 in 91 children today who have autism. Today I'm going to continue my weekly series aimed at raising awareness about autism by talking about the physical symptoms that often co-exist with this disorder.

Many pediatricians will say that there is little you can do for a child with autism. But there is a group of doctors and scientists who have spent some time looking into the "medical treatment" side of autism and some interesting information is coming to light. Many researchers now believe that autism is triggered when children with weaker immune systems are exposed to toxins from various sources and that the result is a negative effect on multiple systems including the GI tract, the brain and the liver. One important fact to remember is that autism seems to be composed of multiple diseases presenting with similar symptoms. So no two children are alike and treatments vary in their effect on different children as well. But many children with autism have allergies or sensitivities to milk products and wheat. Many have difficulty absorbing nutrients from their food and are therefore deficient in vitamin B12 - a vitamin that helps with neuro-processing.

It is thought that many of the common "autistic behaviors" are manifestations of physiological conditions. Head-banging, sleep disturbances and tantrums may be responses to pain that is unable to be expressed otherwise. In thousands of cases, addressing the physical symptoms that co-exist with autism has been found to result in significant improvement in autistic behaviors and, therefore, more effective educational interventions.

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Next week I will share about a group of doctors and scientists who are leading the way in research regarding the causes and treatments of autism.

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