The Arizona Walk for Autism is only 1 month away! Man, it's coming up quick this year! I'm so excited -- we have 14 people signed up to walk on our team this year and have raised $715 toward our goal of $2,500. I've raised $310 toward my personal goal of $1,000. Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who have given generously!!

Today I watched my nephews for four hours and they seriously gave me a run for my money. We went to a park near my sister's house and Elijah ended up IN the irrigation. Noah had a breakdown and no one touched the playground equipment. I was definitely in over my head. But we all made it through the four hours alive, if a bit muddy, and I'm once again blown away that my sister does this day in and day out. She's a saint. For those of you who are new readers, if you'd like to hear more about my nephews and my family's journey with Autism, click here.

I have such a heart to get the word out about Autism. Chances are you know someone who is affected by it. One in 150 children have Autism. Crazy. No two children with Autism are alike or have the exact same symptoms or behaviors. All of the children are on a spectrum.

I'm so glad to see more and more attention being given to Autism by journalists and the media. There are so many inspirational stories that are raising awareness and educating people. I thought I'd share some of them here whenever I post about Autism. First up -- just a fun feel-good story about a high school boy with high-functioning Autism and his basketball team:

There's no known cause or cure for Autism so that's why me and my team are walking on November 1st and raising money. I'd love for you to join us on the walk or give just $5 or $10 toward our goal. Here's to hope!
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