Hey guys! I wanted to introduce you to a super-cool new product that I just found out about while attending Engage!13. It's a beyond-brilliant idea, and I just had to share. If I'm shooting your wedding in the future, you should do this.

Have you ever thought, while planning your wedding, how cool it would be to be able to introduce your guests to one another before the wedding? You know, so that your reception is the most fun ever? You want your college roommate to know she has a love for German board games in common with your fiancé's cute cousin, and your know your uncle Bob would really enjoy talking with your boss about proper ergonomics for hours on end, but you're not sure that you'll have time to make all these connections for your guests in the midst of the whirlwind that is sure to be your wedding day. That's where Guesterly comes in.

Guesterly was started by a couple who wanted to introduce their guests before the wedding. They put together a magazine of sorts with all of their guests' photos and a few fun facts about each and mailed them out before the big day. And it did the trick! In their own words, "It got our guests extra excited for our wedding, broke the ice, and made all of our disparate friends laugh and party like they’d known each other for years." Brilliant, huh?

I know this sounds a bit like an ad, but I am not being compensated in any way by Guesterly. When I attended Engage!13 last month, we were all given a little Guesterly book of our own with all of the conference attendees included inside. Mine is slightly beat up because I used it so much:
We got ours when we showed up, rather than ahead of time, but I can just imagine how valuable it would have been to have this tool in hand before the conference. With such limited time, I made sure to look through and star various attendees I wanted to make sure I connected with. I met Rachel, the founder of Guesterly at Engage!, and after hearing her story, I knew I had to blog about this super-cool idea. Click here to go to their website to watch a video of how it works and find out more! You can even order a free sample to see the quality of the product for yourself.

Happy Monday!
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