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As a photographer, I've always adored photographing the special details my clients have chosen for their day -- the flowers, linens, candles, pillars, cake, and more. They make each wedding so unique! As a newlywed, I have a whole new appreciation for how much thought, time, and effort goes into each and every one of these choices. So if you're planning a wedding, I want to help you get the most visual impact from your beautiful details!

Here are four tips to help your wedding details make the greatest impact! And remember, an experienced wedding planner & florist will already be well-versed in helping you implement all of these strategies!

1 -- Think about the setting
The setting that your decor is viewed against can be an instant upgrade or downgrade. A busy or ugly background will detract from even the most stunning flowers or decorations ... and even simple decor gets a boost from being placed against a tasteful background that gives the eye a chance to rest. If your wedding or reception will be in a space with unattractive walls, consider pipe and drape to create a classic, clean backdrop. In this set of photos, the backdrop for the decor is a white tent, natural wood, and white linens. With simple, tasteful backgrounds in every direction, it was possible to take great photos of the details from many angles!
colorful wedding flowers and a monogrammed favor bag of lavender
colorful flowers and blue accents in a reception tent
colorful flowers on a reception table
2 -- Create vignettes
It can be tempting to spread your flowers and decorations around to all corners, symbolically marking your ceremony & reception space as YOUR territory. But scattering smaller elements can have the effect of making your decorations feel sparse or cheaper. Your decorative details will have much greater impact if you group them together in vignettes and tablescapes, especially if you vary heights and levels to create visual interest. In this example, the flowers, glass vases, candles, and petals all came together to make a much stronger statement than they would have achieved separately.
pale flowers, candles, and glass decorate a wedding ceremony
pale flowers, candles, and glass decorate a wedding ceremony
3 -- Let there be light
It seems like common sense to point out that photography requires light, but it's something that non-photographers overlook quite often. While it is entirely possible for your guests to enjoy and admire your stylish wedding in low light, your photographer will need plenty of light in order to capture all of that beauty in images. If your ceremony or reception will be taking place at or after sunset, make sure that your photographer will have time and opportunity to photograph your details before the light fades. In this example, the gorgeous textures and vibrant colors would have been lost to my camera if I hadn't been able to photograph them in good light well before the reception began!
wedding reception decor full of texture with coral & green accents
gold leafed wedding cake with a coral peony
4 -- Repeat elements
You can create a major wow factor by repeating the same great detail multiple times. This is especially powerful if there are few distractions, so that the eye is drawn to the repeated element. The repetition creates a visual harmony that is just as attractive in person as it is in photos! In the photos below, the flower arrangements and acrylic pillars were repeated all the way up the aisle and on the altar. It was a beautiful effect and also pulled the eye right to the focal point -- the bride & groom!
bowls of flowers & trailing greenery in a wedding ceremony
The first kiss between husband and wife
The details and decor that you have selected for your wedding are part of what makes it special and distinct! I hope that these suggestions help YOUR details look as amazing in photos as they do in your imagination!

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