delicate lace wedding dress with beading
Our clients often ask us about when their wedding day photography should begin. While this is a decision that each couple will need to make for themselves, we always hope that photography can begin early enough to allow us to capture getting ready photos. We LOVE getting ready photos! “Why?” you ask? Well, we’ve got answers! Here are our top three reasons for adoring getting ready photos:

1. Capture the Sweet Moments
Getting ready photos are an important part of telling the complete story of your wedding day from beginning to end. Preparing for your wedding is a time of anticipation and overwhelming joy. When you choose to have those moments captured by your photographer, you preserve them. You and your soon-to-be-spouse will be able to look back on those images for the rest of your lives and remember those feelings! Getting ready photos also allow for sweet, candid moments with your loved ones to be captured on film. This is often cherished time that a bride shares with her family and friends before one of the best moments of her life ... the images are well worth treasuring forever!
bridesmaids help a bride into her dress
special moment between mother of the bride and bride
2. Get Comfortable in Front of The Camera
Another great thing about getting ready photos is they give you a little extra time to get rid of your camera jitters! If you are someone who feels self-conscious when a camera is near, it can be very helpful to have some non-posed time to get used to the photographer and her equipment! The extended exposure might help you get so comfortable in front of the camera you barely even notice it is there! By the time you have your first look or ceremony, your attention will be right where it should be -- on your fiancé, not on the camera.
adjusting the veil
Bridesmaids help the bride put on her veil
Bride in a lace romper relaxes before putting on her gown
3. Highlight Special Details
Getting ready photos provide an opportunity to capture all of the special details that make up your wedding style. You put so much thought into each aspect of your bridal look! And many of these details -- your dress, shoes, and veil -- are items you may not wear again. You’ll want to remember the intricate details that made each item so special to your wedding story! In 20 years you’ll love being able to admire all of the details that you carefully selected for your day.
beautiful wedding ring
wedding shoes ready to be put on
Mother of the bride adds the finishing touches
So why do we love getting ready photos? Because they allow more opportunities to capture sweet intimate moments with your loved ones, while getting you comfortable in front of the camera AND memorializing your gorgeous wedding details. With SO MANY great reasons to have your photographer show up early, we hope you'll opt to have them capture this special part of your wedding day!
Strappy wedding shoes and a delicate lace gown
-----------> If you are planning your wedding, and would like to have a timeline to start from, click here to take a quick 2-question quiz, and we will email you back with an ideal preliminary timeline based on the sunset time on your wedding day as well as whether or not you would like to do a first look!
3 big reasons to have 'getting ready for the wedding' photos
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